Asian trip


Between my volunteering in Nepal and my railway trip through Japan, I inserted some weeks traveling through eastern Asia. On this website, you can find the galleries with some pictures I took in those places. During trip, I stayed at several places for a couple of days each before I flew on to the next location. And imagine what I found out when I put together my journey: under certain circumstances, you‘re allowed to spend up to three days in China without a visa! Of course I had to take my chances and I used this possibility even twice. The following list depicts chronologically the various stations of my tour:








After Shanghai, I flew off to Japan of which you can find the pictures in my Japan gallery. Although I wasn‘t able to spend but a few days anywhere, I had a good chance for getting an overview over many places. Though one major inconvenience was that my camera was stolen in Bangkok so a couple of hundred pictures were lost. But what counts are the memories and I‘m sure I have plenty of those!

a trip through Eastern Asia

pictures above (clockwise): the Great Wall of China, Hongkong, some dancing at the Seoul Tower and the Reclining Buddha in Wat Pho (Bangkok)